Exchanging backlinks with other sites

Optimizing your page is only part of SEO. The second major part is getting links to this content. When you write a post you should go to Google and search for content related to this post on your site. For example, if you’re writing about SEO in Hull, search for this content.  Now go to these pages and link to your new piece of content.

Internal linking is a great way to not only keep your readers engaged for a longer period of time, but also to allow Google spiders to index your content more easily. A strong and well-planned internal linking strategy results in faster indexing of your internal pages by Google spiders, reduced bounce rates, and an increase in your site’s average time on site.

Over years, search engines have evolved. They have begun recognizing more metrics for regulating rankings. However, link relevancy is one metric that stood out from the rest, which is determined by both the anchor text and the content of the source page. Before Google’s Penguin update in 2012, anchor text was considered to be the simplest ways for Google to comprehend the relevancy of any site. However, today it has evolved to be a method of getting your site penalized by Google.

There is nothing wrong with external linking. I recommend linking to websites you want to be associated with. And when you link out to them, tell them! It can lead to new relationships and new links.

Interlinking simply means that you link from your blog posts to other blog posts. For example, I sometimes recommend guest blogging as a great way to build your authority in your niche and will then link to my guide on guest blogging. I also use the anchor text of the search query I’m trying to rank for if it doesn’t making my writing look robotic.

Exchange backlinks with other relevant websites relating to your topics and with high authority websites (websites with high page ranking). This can be great also for local SEO. Also link between pages within your website, but do this with caution and only if it’s relevant. Don’t link every page to each other.

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